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Wybract Limited

the expert for your client’s pension-based claims

Wybract are the experts for your client’s pension-based claims

Our partners work with us to access excellent pension-based services for their clients.

If your business is in need of a reliable partner for pension-based claims management services, speak to Wybract. We’ve used our years of experience and our deep understanding of the different regulatory bodies’ processes to develop reliable, efficient and effective systems that deliver positive outcomes to claimants.

Our expertise


We know all about the complex and detailed nature of pensions, and have managed claims relating to all types. Our experience means we understand what really happened to your client’s pension, how any loss might be assessed and what legal and technical arguments support any claim.

The Claims Process

We know what’s required for each claim, whom the claim should be made against, and how a sound claim should be put together. Once we establish an arguable claim we have a success rate of 99% (with over 97% receiving award payments). We pride ourselves on being a constantly learning organisation - when we lose a claim, we treat it as a learning moment. We analyse why the case was lost and then update our processes, systems and legal argument to reflect what has been learnt. We use the same learning process to constantly improve our processing times with organisations used in the claims process, meaning we can process your client’s claims as fast and effectively as possible.

Efficient Systems

Since our beginnings in 2014, we have heavily concentrated on and invested in the development of our technological data gathering and analysis systems to ensure that we get compliant, consistent and replicable results for all clients. This has allowed us to build our systems such that it we can cross-reference relevant events across disparate client groups, so that your clients benefit from the experience of others. Moreover, our system can monitor when your already-awarded client may be eligible for additional compensation.


How we can work together

Take advantage of our expertise through our consultancy service


You want to expand your service to your clients and we can help you do that through our consultancy services. This means that you retain the relationship with the client while effectively outsourcing certain, chosen tasks to us. We can assist you with paraplanning, auditing your client data to find other claims or monies available to your client, and advising on your client account management, alongside other services, in any combination you prefer.

Refer your clients directly to us


You want to take care of your clients, but don’t have the necessary regulatory permissions to process pension claims or feel confident in handling the complexity of pension claims. By referring them to us, you retain your relationship with them for all other matters and Wybract acts for them for pension claims. In this area they become our clients too, and we take care of them, end-to-end, for those pension matters.

Or, tell us what you need


If you are not quite sure about how you’d like to work with us, get in touch to discuss what you need. Some of our partners like to combine the services of our consultancy with making referrals, and this flexibility may work for you as well.


Our Partners

Regulated CMCs

We work with other regulated Claims Management Companies looking for expertise in pension-related claims on behalf of their clients. Wybract can either undertake the entire claims process, or just specific parts of it e.g., investigate and assess individual cases to determine those that have a realistic chance of a successful claim.

Financial Advisors

Many financial advisers have clients that have lost out financially due to poor advice from previous advisers. Those who have clients who lack the knowledge to make claim themselves refer their clients to Wybract to take advantage of our expertise and fair play.


Solicitors often come across their client’s possible pension-related claims in the course of dealing with their other matters. Because we process claims day-in-day-out we’ve not only acquired an in-depth knowledge of the process, but also considerable efficiency in claims management. Solicitors use our consultancy service or refer their clients to us because they can have confidence in a system based on continual improvement.

Member organisations

Many individuals have moved their pensions from a Defined Benefit or final salary scheme into high-risk investment pensions. As a result, they may have suffered significant losses and turn to their member organisations for help. In this complex situation, member organisations can partner with Wybract to ensure the people they help get the best chance of recovering their loss or receiving compensation for it.